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CheCk out all the produCts and serviCes Chase has available for your employees from mortgages for first-time homebuyers to mortgage assistance for union members, we're here to help. We offer a broad
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Is a scenario that's hard to believe an Auburn man tries to cash a cheque at his own bank and winds up in jail and the King five investigators have learned the check in question was issued by the very bank that claimed it was a forgery Linda Byron exposes a series of bank errors that left a new homeowner reeling I was really excited for the first time actually like got to buy a lawnmower and mow my lawn and everything buying his own home was a big accomplishment for construction worker I kena and Joe COO he's only 28 years old and joke who qualified for the first time home buyer rebate on his tax return it was really important I mean I had a vehicle that I was looking on paying off it wasn't just any vehicle I had a 2000 2001 Infiniti i30 silver is just like my favorite car and joke who signed up to have the rebate deposited directly into his chase bank account but when the IRS rebate arrived there was a problem chase had closed his account because of overdrawn checks in the past the bank deducted $600 to cover what he owed them and mailed him a cashier's check for the difference eight thousand four hundred sixty three dollars and 21 cents when in joke who came here to cash the check at the Chase branch near his home he was in for a nasty surprise the cheque had his name and address right on it and was issued by JP Morgan Chase but the customer banker who handles large checks at the Auburn branch was immediately suspicious I was embarrassed me as to what I did for a living you know asked him where I got the check from you know I looked at me up and down like he just bought a house with armor really you know it's like she didn't believe that the banker says the check looked fake so she took it along with and joke whose driver's license and credit card and called banks support and joke who says after about 15 minutes he got impatient and told chase he was leaving to do an important errand by the time I got back the branch was closed and joke who says he called customer service and was advised to go back the next day to get his money but when he arrived it wasn't his money that was waiting for him hey they just threw me in jail they called the police and said you know this guy has a fraudulent check all burn police arrested in joke who for forgery a felony crime I was like well you're making a mistake you know you make it a big mistake you know don't take me to jail you know I got work tomorrow you know I can't afford to miss work and joko was taken to jail on Thursday June 24th the next day chase realized its mistake so they called and left a burn police a voice message but no one heard it and joke who stayed in jail for the entire weekend finally on Monday he was released we were involved until this morning police commander Dave Cole Glaser says chase could have done a lot more to let them know they'd locked up an innocent man we do have a mainline that comes to our front office and so there are ways to contact people 24/7 at a police department...